canonical grimaces

cinematic death mambo

Time Management

Once again, I ask: how exactly does one ‘Adult’?

cardboard cuts

Mushroom may yield big value

I am going to find this mushroom.

first national tsunami warning

also, the royals are in town today. the uni students are bummed b/c they didn’t come to the annual kegger on hyde street.

also, spent 9 hours in town yesterday watching ‘funny face’, ‘the third man’, and ‘on the waterfront’ at a beautiful 1930s theatre. today we’re going to the director’s cut of ‘lawrence of arabia’ and miyazaki’s final film.

also, started the day with a pulled back/neck muscle and tears of rage.

100% prefer writing cheesey affirmations whilst drunk to jumping out of windows when drunk.

Owch. Wine. Glad I get tipsy and maternal now instead of the deep dark of years ago.

The Lingerie Addict is Hiring! | The Lingerie Addict | Lingerie For Who You Are


[Reminder!] The Lingerie Addict is Hiring! (click the link for full details)

squidlfishous said: i have like 5 of those, maybe i have one that is way to small for me gotta check storage. won’t be monogrammed though.

awww, what a prime collection! not my initials, tho, just AP in big, beautiful, cursive.

still angry that the relocation company lost three boxes, one of which was my entire wardrobe.

missing my monogrammed arnold palmer cardigan with the umbrella buttons.

Baby’s gonna buy me a brand new mirror…

hi! you are doing exactly what you need to be doing right now. you’re taking care of…

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you are doing exactly what you need to be doing right now. you’re taking care of yourself.

what makes you happy? what fulfills you? do you need to take time out right now?

try to remember to drink water. get enough sleep. take time out and relax. eat food that’s good for you and then eat food that you love. spend time with your best friend if you’re lucky enough to be able to spend time with…

i mean like, i wrote this half-tipsy, post-wine tasting, post-g&t’s in bed for the people who don’t know i know, but i know. take care of yourselves.

french braid my hair

Sebadoh & Bad Sav

Sebadoh & Bad Sav

2014-03-30 23.47.01

Last Sunday we went out to a concert at our favourite little venue in Port Chalmers, Chick’s Hotel. We don’t normally go out on Sunday nights because responsibility and waking up at 6:45 am tend to trump whatever might be happening on a Sunday night, especially when relying on Chick’s Magic Bus as a means of transport. It’s a fun ride, a bumpy ride, a free ride, but also a ride that doesn’t

The Sebadoh/Bad Sav gig last week was one of the BEST ever. God, I’m stoked to be living somewhere that attracts musicians like flies.